What is DiscoFi? Discord to Earn Cryptocurrency [How to Buy]

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What is DiscoFi?

DiscoFi is a Discord to Earn cryptocurrency.

In other words, DiscoFi is the Discord version of TwitFi and TwitDao, which are Tweet to Earn cryptocurrencies.

Like TwitFi and TwitDao, you can earn DiscoFi by simply tweeting on Twitter with the hashtag #DiscoFi.

If you would like to know more about TwitFi and TwitDao, please click the following.

DiscoFi is a cross-platform blockchain game that allows players to earn tokens in DApps built on web apps, mobile apps, Discord, and Twitter.

The main ways to earn money with DiscoFi are as folows.

  • Tweet on Twitter with the hashtag #DiscoFi
  • Staking DiscoFi
  • Buying and selling DiscoFi NFTs (monsters and artifacts)

If you would like to know more about DiscoFi, read the white paper!

How to Buy DiscoFi

We introduce how to buy DiscoFi.

As of March 2023, DiscoFi is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

We will add information as soon as DiscoFi becomes available.


We introduced DiscoFi, Discord to Earn cryptocurrency.

DiscoFi, like TwitFi and TwitDao, allows users to earn DiscoFi simply by tweeting on Twitter with the hashtag #DiscoFi.

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