What is YamaInuCoin? Cryptocurrency that Respects Mountain Wolf (Wolf Goddess) Moro in Princess Mononoke

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What is YamaInuCoin?

YamaInuCoin is a cryptocurrency that respects Mountain Wolf (Wolf Goddess) Moro in Princess Mononoke.

Here are images of YamaInuCoin's Moro. They look a lot like Moro from Princess Mononoke!

The Japanese translation of YamaInuCoin's story is below.

It is interesting in the sense that it is a derivative of Princess Mononoke!


In a realm not unlike the mythical forests of Princess Mononoke, where spirits of the past intertwined seamlessly with the mortal world, the boundaries of nature and technology clashed once more.

The Mountain Wolf, known as Moro to the people of the region, was revered as a guardian spirit, protecting the sacred mountain and its dense woodlands.


The village at the foot of the mountain, Yomura, had changed dramatically over the past few decades.

Ever since a mysterious force named "Cryptocurrency" emerged from the outer world, the dynamics of Yomura's economy transformed.

Miners, in this sense not those digging for gold or coal, but ones that maintained massive technological rigs, migrated to the town.

These rigs drew immense power, used to solve intricate puzzles, and in return, created digital coins of immense value.


However, these mines posed a significant threat to the environment.

The sheer amount of electricity they required came from diverting the waterways to power hydroelectric plants, depleting the life source of the forests and disrupting the habitat of countless creatures.

The spiritual balance was distorted, and the spirits of the forest grew restless.


Moro, the Mountain Wolf, having lived for centuries and seen both the harmonious and tumultuous times, sensed this unrest.

The mountain's streams had started drying, the trees withering, and the once clear night sky was obscured by the neon glow from the crypto mines.


Torn between the advancements which brought prosperity to Yomura and the imminent threat they posed to the spiritual and natural equilibrium, Moro embarked on a journey.

A journey to bridge the modern with the ancient, the digital with the tangible, and to find a way where technology could co-exist without tarnishing the sanctity of the environment.


Unbeknownst to many, deep within the heart of the mountain lay a secret.

A crystal of immense power, believed by ancient legends to hold the capacity to merge the energies of both technology and nature.

If Moro could find it and unlock its powers, Yomura could continue its digital pursuits without causing environmental despair.


Alongside Ashitaka and San, allies from her past endeavors, Moro would confront both technocrats hungry for digital gold and spirits blinded by anger.

The trio's quest would intertwine the realms of the tangible and virtual, seeking a resolution where man's quest for innovation could harmonize with nature's eternal rhythms.

Videos about Moro in Princess Mononoke

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We introduced YamaInuCoin, a cryptocurrency that respects Mountain Wolf (Wolf Goddess) Moro in Princess Mononoke.

Be sure to read the story of YamaInuCoin!

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