Link Tochigi Brex Won 2017 B.LEAGUE Finals (Japan)

Link Tochigi Brex won 2017 B.LEAGUE Finals (Japan).

Here are the highlights of B.LEAGUE Finals.

2017 B.LEAGUE Finals (Japan)

2017 B.LEAGUE Finals will be a one-shot match.

Link Tochigi Brex, ranked No. 1 in the East Region, and Kawasaki Brave Thunders, ranked No. 1 in the Central Region, met at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium (1st Gymnasium), Tokyo, Japan.

May 27, 2017: Link Tochigi Brex 85-79 Kawasaki Brave Thunders

In a game on May 27, 2017, Link Tochigi Brex defeated Kawasaki Brave Thunders 85-79.

Jeff Gibbs scored 25 points, Takatoshi Furukawa had 21, Ryan Rossiter had 12 points, 16 rebounds, and 8 assists, and Yuta Tabuse had 9 points and 5 assists.

The first quarter was evenly matched and ended in a 21-21 tie.

Takatoshi Furukawa was the main scorer in the second quarter, leading by six points, 43-37, at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, Kawasaki Brave Thunders came back with an onslaught, and the score was tied at 59-63, 4 points to 1.

In the fourth quarter, the score was tied 74-74 at the official timeout with 4:47 remaining.

In the end, Link Tochigi Brex players fought through as one and managed to win the game!

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Takatoshi Furukawa (number #25) of Link Tochigi Brex was selected as the MVP of B.LEAGUE Finals.



Link Tochigi Brex won 2017 B.LEAGUE Finals (Japan).

Link Tochigi Brex won the championship in the first year of B.LEAGUE!

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