Recommended Websites and YouTube Channels/Videos for Virtual Tokyo Sightseeing

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Would you like to go Tokyo sightseeing?

Recently, it is difficult to go Tokyo sightseeing due to COVID-19 infections.

This article introduces some recommended websites and YouTube channels/videos for Tokyo sightseeing.

Let's enjoy your virtual Tokyo sightseeing!

Go Tokyo (Website/YouTube)

Go Tokyo is the official Tokyo travel guide.

Go Tokyo gives the information that all you need to know about Tokyo's tourist attractions, events, hotels, transportations & more from the official travel guide of Tokyo for visitors.

The introduction video of Go Tokyo, called "Go Tokyo—the official movie (short)", is as follows.

Paolo fromTOKYO (YouTube)

Paolo fromTOKYO is a YouTube channel giving for Tokyo Travel Guide

There are many videos for Tokyo sightseeing.

My recommended video is "Tour Around Tokyo to Must-Visit Places & Hidden Gems".

Hiroyuki Chishiro [Tokyo Sightseeing] (YouTube)

Hiroyuki Chishiro [Tokyo Sightseeing] is a YouTube channel developed by Founder/CEO&CTO of Japanese Tar Heel, Inc.

This channel makes you feel like you are on a virtual tour of Tokyo by 500+ videos.

A video of Tokyo sightseeing is "[Vlog] Fireworks of Opening Ceremony in Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Tokyo Sightseeing, Japan".

Other Recommended YouTube Videos

Other recommended YouTube videos are as follows.

Tokyo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

How to Spend 14 Days in Japan - A Japan Travel Itinerary

Top 10 Places to Visit in Tokyo | Japan - English


This article introduced some recommended websites and YouTube channels/videos for Tokyo sightseeing.

You can relax and enjoy these videos of beautiful Tokyo!

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