Braintrust: Web 3.0 Human Resources Network Connecting Freelancers and Companies [Cryptocurrency BRST] [How to Buy]

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Braintrust is a Web 3.0 talent network connecting freelancers and companies.

The world-renowned companies (including institutions and organizations) registered with Braintrust include as follows.

  • NASA
  • Nike
  • Deloitte
  • Nestle
  • Porsche
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • McKinsey & Company

With Braintrust, freelancers can keep 100% of their earnings, and companies can hire freelancers at a fraction of the cost of traditional Web 2.0 talent networks.

Braintrust also offers long-term contract work, so you can spend less time worrying about your next assignment.

Braintrust's experts (primarily AI) will match you with jobs that match your skills and interests.

Braintrust is a highly promising Web 3.0 talent network that benefits both freelancers and companies.

These are videos introducing Braintrust.

You can see that Braintrust is growing rapidly.

How to Buy Braintrust's Cryptocurrency BRST

We introduce how to buy Braintrust's cryptocurrency BRST.

BRST is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges (click here for cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade BRST).

MEXC and are the exchanges where you can trade BRST, so open your account today!

Braintrust Jobs

Braintrust jobs have the following characteristics.

  • English is required.
  • High-paying jobs (many are full-time jobs with annual salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars (tens of millions of yen), some are part-time or short-term contracts).
  • Jobs are open primarily to U.S. residents only (some jobs allow remote work).

If Braintrust fits your criteria, we will be proactive about applying!

Braintrust's job categories include as follows.

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Dev Ops, Admin
  • Marketing
  • Writers, Content Editors
  • Other

There are three main types of engineers in depth.

  • Web Engineers: JavaScript, React.js, TypeScript
  • AI Engineers: Python, C++
  • Blockchain Engineers: Solidity, C++, Go, Rust


We introduced Braintrust, a Web 3.0 talent network that connects freelancers and companies.

Braintrust has proven to be beneficial to both freelancers and companies.

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