What is KENKA? Cryptocurrency by Developers of KENKA METAVERSE [How to Buy]

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What is KENKA?

KENKA is a cryptocurrency by developers of the best-selling application "KENKA METAVERSE", which has been played by 3 million people.

Street fighters from around the world gather to see who is the toughest in KENKA METAVERSE.

Participants include gangsters, thugs, fighters, cyborgs, and mutants.

These are KENKA's explanatory videos.

Japanese Influencers related with KENKA

Japanese influencers related with KENKA are Mikuru Asakura and Prince Aojiru (Yuta Misaki)!

Mirai Asakura has been named a KENKA ambassador!

Mikuru Asakura is well known as a Japanese fighter, who fought with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Prince Aojiru is a Japanese famous executive, who sold aojiru (green juice).

Prince Aojiru claims that the era of the Metaverse be coming!

How to Buy KENKA

We introduce how to buy KENKA.

The main cryptocurrency exchanges where KENKA can be traded are MEXC (click here for cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade).

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This article introduced KENKA, which is a cryptocurrency by developers of KENKA METAVERSE.

KENKA is related with Japanese influencers Mikuru Asakura and Prince Aojiru (Yuta Misaki).

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