Lexington: Bedroom City in South of Winston-Salem [Barbecue Capital of the World]


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Lexington is a bedroom city in south of Winston-Salem.

Lexington has also developed as a bedroom city not only for Winston-Salem, but also for other large cities such as High Point, Greensboro, and Charlotte.

Lexington is a charming city located in Davidson County in central North Carolina.

Known as the "Barbecue Capital of the World," Lexington has become famous for its unique style of delicious barbecue, especially slow-cooked pork shoulder served with a tangy vinegar-based sauce!

Lexington is characterized by as follows.

  • Barbecue Culture: Famous for its barbecue restaurants and annual events such as the Barbecue Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each year to indulge in a variety of barbecue dishes.
  • Small Town Charm: Lexington maintains a cozy small-town atmosphere while offering all the amenities of a city. The vibrant downtown offers local stores, restaurants, and historic sites.
  • Historical Significance: Lexington has a rich history and is home to historic buildings, museums, and landmarks, including the Davidson County Historical Museum and the Edward C. Smith Civic Center, where visitors can learn about Lexington's past.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating are available in and around Lexington. High Rock Lake, one of North Carolina's largest reservoirs, is nearby and popular for water sports and fishing.
  • Community Events: In addition to the barbecue festival, Lexington hosts a variety of community events and festivals throughout the year to promote local arts, culture, and entertainment.
  • Economic Base: Historically a thriving agricultural and textile industry, Lexington's economy is now more diversified. Manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail play an important role in Lexington's economy.
  • Southern Hospitality: Lexington is known for its friendly and welcoming community. Residents are often proud of their heritage and traditions.
  • Accessibility: Located between major cities such as Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and Charlotte, Lexington enjoys the convenience of being close to urban areas while maintaining its unique identity.

Overall, Lexington is a blend of Southern hospitality, culinary delights, historical significance, and a vibrant community.

Lexington is an attractive place to live and visit for those who want a taste of authentic North Carolina culture!

Below are the distances and travel times by car from Lexington to nearby major cities.

  • Located about 25miles (40km) south of Winston-Salem, about 30 minutes by car.
  • Located about 19miles (30km) southwest of High Point, about 25 minutes by car.
  • Located about 31miles (50km) southwest of Greensboro, about 40 minutes by car.
  • Located about 56miles (90km) northeast of Charlotte, about an hour by car.

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3 Recommended Attractions in Lexington

Here are 3 recommended attractions in Lexington.

Childress Vineyards

Childress Vineyards is a winery in Lexington, North Carolina, owned by Richard Childress, the owner of the NASCAR Cup Series champion team.

The connection between NASCAR and fine wine is reflected in the checkered flag motif on the labels of some of the wines produced by Childress Vineyards.

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The Candy Factory

The Candy Factory is a candy store selling country antiques, collectibles, and novelty items.

A treasure trove for children of all ages, especially those with a sweet tooth.

The Candy Factory sells the following.

  • Nostalgic candies
  • Chocolate
  • Red Bird Peppermint Puffs
  • Candy sticks
  • Licorice
  • Sugar-free hard candy or chocolate
  • Creamy Fudge

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Boone's Cave Park

Boone's Cave Park offers hiking trails through a remote, rolling forest of mixed hardwoods reminiscent of the North Carolina Mountains.

About half of Boone's Cave Park is designated as a Natural Heritage site and is home to many wildflowers normally found only in the Appalachian Mountains.

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We introduced "Lexington," a bedroom city south of Winston-Salem.

Lexington is the barbecue capital of the world!

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