Plymouth: The Town Where "Battle of Plymouth (1864)" of American Civil War Took Place


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Plymouth is the town where "Battle of Plymouth (1864)" of American Civil War took place.

"Battle of Plymouth (1864)" was the second largest American Civil War battle in North Carolina.

NOTE: The largest American Civil War battle in North Carolina was "Battle of Bentonville".

Plymouth is located in Washington County, North Carolina.

Located along Roanoke River, it is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural importance to the area.

Plymouth is characterized by the following.

  • History: Plymouth's historical background is rich, especially as it relates to its role in the Civil War. Plymouth was an important Confederate port during the war and was heavily involved in battles and skirmishes. Nearby is Fort Branch, a Civil War battle site that provides insight into the military history of the area.
  • Location and Geography: Located in the Inner Banks region of North Carolina, Plymouth enjoys a picturesque setting along the Roanoke River. Its proximity to the water provides opportunities for outdoor recreation such as boating and fishing.
  • Economy: Historically, Plymouth's economy has been supported by agriculture, forestry, and river-based commerce. These industries still play a role today, but Plymouth has diversified its economy over the years to include manufacturing and tourism.
  • Attractions: Plymouth has several tourist attractions, including Roanoke River Lighthouse (replica), which has been relocated and restored and is now a popular attraction. The Port O'Plymouth Museum features exhibits on Plymouth's maritime history.
  • Community and Culture: Plymouth is a close-knit community that values its heritage and cultural traditions. Local events, festivals, and gatherings often celebrate the town's history and showcase its vibrant community spirit.
  • Natural Beauty: Plymouth's proximity to the Roanoke River and surrounding natural landscape offers scenic views and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the beauty of the area through activities such as hiking, bird watching, and kayaking.

Overall, Plymouth, like many small towns in North Carolina, offers a blend of history, natural beauty, and community pride.

Plymouth is an attractive destination for visitors and a comfortable home for residents.

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5 Recommended Attractions in Plymouth

Here are 5 recommended attractions in Plymouth.

Port O'Plymouth Museum

Port O'Plymouth Museum is housed in a historic 1923 tlantic Coast Line depot.

Port O'Plymouth Museum's mission is to preserve and celebrate the long and unique history of Washington County, North Carolina.

NOTE: Plymouth is located in Washington County.

At Port O'Plymouth Museum, you can learn about Plymouth's fascinating Civil War history, including the 1864 Battle of Plymouth and the CSS Albemarle, American Civil War's most successful ironclad ship!

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Bear-Ology is a black bear museum.

The goal of Bear-Ology is to discover many truths and dispel myths about black bears.

You will also have the opportunity to learn why the North Carolina coastal plain is home to the world's largest black bear population and why it has the highest density of black bears on the planet!

God's Creation Wildlife Museum

God's Creation Wildlife Museum features mounted exhibits of creatures from every continent, from Alaska to Africa.

There are four galleries, including North American, African, and multinational galleries.

You can take guided tours to hear about big cats and scary snakes, or walk at their own pace through the museum to view the beauty of God's creation.

There is also a touch table where you can feel the different skins of various animals.

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Roanoke River Lighthouse (Replica)

Roanoke River Lighthouse (Replica) is a replica of the historic abandoned lighthouse in Edenton's harbor.

If you would like to know where Roanoke River Lighthouse (The Real One) is located in Edenton, click the following.

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Roanoke River Maritime Museum

Roanoke River Maritime Museum offers a wealth of photographs that tell the story of the river's impact on nearby towns and most of the people who have lived here or passed through it.

At Roanoke River Maritime Museum, a large aquarium reveals native fish, ships sunk in exciting Civil War battles, and underwater secrets discovered by East Carolina University students on an underwater archeological expedition.


We introduced Plymouth, which is the town where "Battle of Plymouth (1864)" of American Civil War took place.

The history of "Battle of Plymouth (1864)" can be learned at the Port O'Plymouth Museum.

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