What is SINSO? Cryptocurrency Designed to Simplify Distributed Storage and Data Governance [Yusaku Maezawa] [How to Buy]


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What is SINSO?

SINSO is a cryptocurrency designed to simplify distributed storage and data governance.

The products of SINSO are as follows.

  • SINSO Getway: A secondary distributed cache network based on Filecoin, SINSO Getway is built for the current usage scenarios required by GameFi/VR/AR. SINSO Getway also supports Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Decentralized Applications (DApps) with fast response times.
  • SINSO DataLand: An integrated storage space for personal metaverse data, SINSO DataLand can be viewed as an NFT browser with archiving capabilities that allows users to access their "dataland" using a distributed identity (DID) that integrates Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 accounts.
  • SINSO DAC: A technical framework for SINSO community autonomy, which aims to establish a transparent and fair value system in which everyone can participate and contribute. SINSO DAC satisfies the characteristics of DAC: decentralized and distributed, autonomous and automated, organized and ordered, intelligent and tokenized. SINSO DAC will be built on a smart contract-driven Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) sidechain.
  • SINSO Donors Network: An economic and incentive model based on a deep phenotype analysis model of data and a middleware system for data trading. SINSO Donors Network automates the matching of data buyers for data transactions and provides incentives to storage miners and related contributors. SINSO Donors Network also aims to aggregate data resources through various NFT data templates for dynamic datasets across all industries, enabling users, research institutions, and others to make better use of their data assets. SINSO Donors Network uses SINSO Getway in a more flexible and collaborative way, allowing SINSO Getway to build a complete incentive model.
  • SINSO Dapp Cube: A set of middleware for data governance service applications, SINSO Dapp Cube enables application developers to build industry-specific Web 3.0 applications in conjunction with the Filecoin Storage Network.
  • SINSO AmStar: A data-oriented programmable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that creatively combines EVM and content addressing in distributed storage, specifically upgrading metaverse assets by adding NFT programmability. SINSO AmStar is a leading provider of EVM and content addressing solutions for distributed storage.
  • SINSO Testnet: A SINSO test net.

If you would to know more about SINSO, read the white paper!

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SINSO is a cryptocurrency that has attracted attention because Yusaku Maezawa has invested more than 500 million yen in SINSO at a valuation of $150 million.

Yusaku Maezawa is also planning to travel to the moon for Elon Musk's Space X's 2023 moon orbit flight project.

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These are SINSO instructional videos.

How to Buy SINSO

We introduce how to buy SINSO.

The main cryptocurrency exchanges where SINSO can be traded are PancakeSwap and (click here for cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade).

SINSO will be listed on!

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We introduced SINSO, which is a cryptocurrency designed to simplify distributed storage and data governance.

SINSO is based on Filecoin and has many products.

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