What is SIX502? Blockchain Game Project Launched by Hudson Management Team [Dice or Dead like Momotaro Dentetsu] [Win to Earn] [Cryptocurrency] [How to Buy]

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What is SIX502?

SIX502 is a blockchain game project launched by Hudson management team.

The representative game software of Hudson is as follows.

SIX502 has an aspect as a cryptocurrency.

SIX502 builds a Win to Earn (W2E) platform where users can earn cryptocurrency through serious competition among blockchain game users.

In other words, SIX502 is like a casino platform for blockchain games.

These are introduction videos of SIX502.

The producers of SIX502, Naoyuki Tsuji and Meijin Takahashi, talk about SIX502.

The origin of SIX502 is MOS 6502, the 8-bit MPU (CPU) of the NES, and you can understand why they chose this name.

Blockchain Games Developed by SIX502

We introduce blockchain games developed by SIX502.

Dice or Dead: Momotaro Dentetsu like Blockchain Game Developed by SIX502

Dice or Dead is a Momotaro Dentetsu like blockchain game.

Dice or Dead is introduced in the following tweet: "At the turn of the century, the legendary game company's Hudson management team, which took the gaming industry by storm, returns to BCG🎮".

Dice or Dead looks just like Momotaro Dentetsu!

For reference, these are videos of Momotaro Dentetsu.

How to Buy SIX502

We introduce how to buy SIX502.

As of March 2023, SIX502 is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange.

We will add information as soon as SIX502 becomes available.


We introduced SIX502, which is a blockchain game project launched by Hudson management team.

SIX502 has a Momotaro Dentetsu-like blockchain game "Dice or Dead".

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