Recommended Websites to Learn Solidity Programming Language for Free [Introductory Level]

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We introduce recommended websites to learn Solidity programming language for free (introductory level).

NOTE: Some of the materials are available for a fee.

If you would like become a blockchain engineer, let's learn Solidity!


CryptoZombies is an interactive online lesson where you can learn to build smart contracts in Solidity through the development of a game that creates zombies out of crypto.

Click the following to watch a video of people learning with CryptoZombies.

B9lab Academy

B9lab Academy is a free course on blockchain, Ethereum, and Solidity.

B9lab Academy website provides a complete overview of the basics of Ethereum development.

Click the following to watch the B9lab Academy video.


Ethernaut is a hacking game played on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) inspired by provided by OpenZeppelin, using Solidity language.

Here is a video of Ethernaut taking on the challenge.

Moralis Web3

Moralis Web3 is a website that operates the Web3 platform.

You can learn from their extensive tutorials via video!

Smart Contract Programmer

Smart Contract Programmer is a website operated by Tasuku Nakamura where you can learn smart contracts.

Smart Contract Programmer has a very good video tutorial on Solidity! (Click here for a playlist of Solidity videos)

Dapp University

Dapp University is a website where you can learn how to build Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dapp University has a good selection of free tutorials. (Click here for a Solidity playlist)


We introduced recommended websites to learn Solidity programming language for free (introductory level).

Let's learn Solidity and become a blockchain engineer!

If you would like to be a blockchain engineer, click the following.

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