[Vlog] Why Did We Choose OSMO Action over GoPro?


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Vlog stands for Video Blog.

Here is a YouTube channel of our Founder/CEO&CTO Hiroyuki Chishiro [Tokyo Sightseeing] Vlog.

Let's enjoy your virtual Tokyo sightseeing!

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Now that the effects of the COVID-19 have been mitigated and you can go sightseeing in Tokyo, we hope you will watch our YouTube channel for the following purposes.

  • To do preliminary research before going sightseeing in Tokyo.
  • To make up for the places and time of year that you missed during your Tokyo sightseeing trip (including Tokyo sightseeing in different seasons).

This article explains why we chose OSMO Action over GoPro8 for Vlogging.

Why Did We Choose OSMO Action over GoPro?

GoPro is the most famous camera for Vlogging.

GoPro8 was the latest in 2020 and its successors are purchased by many people.

However, we bought OSMO Action instead of GoPro8 in 2020.

OSMO Action (Amazon.com)

We were torn between GoPro8 and OSMO Action, but decided to go with OSMO Action for the following reasons.

  • The ability to shoot HDR video (HDR is a mode that allows you to take beautiful photos even in backlit or dark places, while GoPro8 only allows HDR photos).
  • Selfie display on the front of the camera (convenient to adjust the angle of the camera while looking at it yourself, GoPro8 has only battery level and video setting information).
  • Quick button to switch between settings (quickly select customized settings)
  • Touch screen is very sensitive and easy to use (compared to GoPro8 review)
  • Price is a little cheaper than the GoPro8 (our first action camera purchase)

OSMO Action 4

As of August 2023, OSMO Action 4 is the latest.

OSMO Action 4 has its standard combo and adventure combo.

If you are interested in OSMO Action 4 and its details, please click the following.

OSMO Action 4 (Amazon.com)


We introduced why we chose OSMO Action over GoPro for Vlogging.

Let's enjoy your Vlog using OSMO Action!

If you would like to buy OSMO Action/Action 4 for your Vlog, please click the following.

OSMO Action (Amazon.com)

OSMO Action 4 (Amazon.com)

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