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Sugamo (Tokyo, Japan)

Sugamo is a charming and traditional neighborhood located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

Sugamo is also known as "Grandma's Harajuku" and is a popular shopping and entertainment district for the elderly.

Sugamo features the following.

  • Jizo-dori Shopping Street: The main attraction of Sugamo is the Jizo-dori Shopping Street. This shopping street is lined with a variety of stores and stalls selling everything from clothing and traditional Japanese sweets to health products. It is a great place to stroll and enjoy the local atmosphere.
  • Togenuki Jizo Kouganji Temple: At the end of Jizo-dori Shopping Street is Togenuki Jizo Kouganji Temple, a popular religious site in Sugamo. The temple is dedicated to Jizo Bodhisattva. Jizo is believed to protect travelers and heal them from illness. Visitors can rub the Jizo with a cloth to receive blessings and healing.
  • Traditional Atmosphere: Sugamo has a more traditional and nostalgic atmosphere compared to the busy and trendy areas of Tokyo such as Harajuku and Shibuya. With its narrow alleys and small stores, you can experience the "downtown" atmosphere of Tokyo.
  • Red Underwear: Red underwear is believed to bring good luck and health. Many stores in the area sell red underwear, and red-themed decorations can be seen everywhere.
  • Food and Dining: Sugamo has restaurants, cafes and food stalls serving traditional Japanese cuisine such as ramen, tempura and sweets. It is a great place to taste local cuisine and traditional Japanese sweets.
  • Accessibility: Sugamo is easily accessible by public transportation. Sugamo Station (JR Yamanote Line) and Sugamo Station (Toei Mita Line) are the main stations in the area and provide convenient access to this charming neighborhood.

Sugamo is one of Tokyo's most interesting and unique destinations, especially if you want to experience its traditional and cultural richness.

Although not as famous as other parts of Tokyo, Sugamo has a special charm that makes it worth a visit for both tourists and city residents.

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