Free Recommended Plugins for WordPress [Cautionary Plugins]

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This page introduces recommended free WordPress plugins.

The following three levels are recommended.

  • High recommended: Recommended plugins (Install now because it is essential)
  • Medium recommendation: Consideration Plugins (install as necessary)
  • Low recommendation: Caution Plugins (You may not want to install it in some cases.)

Recommended Plugins for WordPress

Here are some recommended plugins for WordPress.

The recommended plugins are essential, so install them now!

Advanced Editor Tools (formerly TinyMCE Advanced)

Advanced Editor Tools (formerly TinyMCE Advanced) is a plugin to customize the toolbar of WordPress post editing screen.

Advanced Editor Tools allows you to edit efficiently.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a plugin that checks WordPress for link errors and non-existent images, and notifies you in the dashboard if any are found.

It is useful when a linked article is missing, so be sure to install it!

Broken Link Checker for YouTube

Broken Link Checker for YouTube can automatically verify YouTube content embedded in posts.

Broken Link Checker for YouTube can also verify YouTube, but it cannot do so unless the video is embedded in an iframe.

On the other hand, Broken Link Checker for YouTube can be used with WordPress by pasting the URL of the YouTube video.

We use this method to embed YouTube videos by pasting URLs, so it is very useful for us.

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order is a plugin that allows you to change the display order of categories in your WordPress posts and custom posts.

Use Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order to reorder your categories in the order you desire!

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents is a plugin that automatically generates a table of contents.

It is also used in this article!

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a plugin to speed up the display speed of WordPress by compressing the image size.

Faster display speed of WordPress can be expected to improve the search ranking of SEO.

EWWW Image Optimizer not only compresses existing images, but also automatically compresses new images when they are uploaded.

Preserve Editor Scroll Position

Preserve Editor Scroll Position is a plugin that restores the editor's old scroll position after saving a draft of a WordPress post.

Preserve Editor Scroll Position prevents the scrollbar from returning to the top of the page even after saving a draft.

PS Auto Sitemap

PS Auto Sitemap is a plugin that outputs a sitemap for WordPress pages.

Here is our WordPress sitemap created by PS Auto Sitemap.


TablePress is a plugin that allows you to embed beautiful and feature-rich tables into your WordPress posts without writing code.

It is recommended if you want to create highly functional and stylish tables!

Throws SPAM Away

Throws SPAM Away is a plugin that acts as if it accepts comments without Japanese descriptions, but discards them.

This is essential to prevent spam from overseas!

WebSub (formerly PubSubHubbub)

WebSub (formerly PubSubHubbub) is a plugin to tell the world (Google) when your WordPress posts are updated.

It is essential to increase the inflow of traffic from SEO!

WordPress Ping Optimizer

WordPress Ping Optimizer is a plugin that protects your WordPress from being tagged as a ping spammer.

It reduces the possibility of being judged as spam by Google and improves your search ranking.

wp_head() cleaner

wp_head() cleaner is a plugin that removes unnecessary tags from the output of wp_head().

This speeds up the display speed.


WP-Optimize is a plugin to delete unnecessary data in WordPress.

If you think "WordPress is running slow these days…", you should use this plugin! You should use WP-Optimize if you are thinking "WordPress is running slow these days…"!

Please remember to make a backup before using WP-Optimize.

XML Sitemaps (Google XML Sitemaps)

XML Sitemaps (Google XML Sitemaps) is a plugin that creates a special XML sitemap that may significantly improve SEO.

This XML sitemap allows search engines such as Google to better index WordPress sites.

XO Security

XO Security is a plugin to enhance your login-related security.

It is recommended for you who want to protect your site from vulnerability threats!

Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast Duplicate Post is a plugin that allows you to duplicate any type of post.

This is recommended if you want to duplicate a post you have written so far to write more efficiently!

Consideration Plugins for WordPress

Here are some consideration plugins for WordPress.

Install them as needed!

Aurora Heatmap

Aurora Heatmap is a simple heatmap plugin for WordPress.

By using heatmaps, you can strategize where to place your affiliate links, etc.

There is also Clarity, a free heatmap tool from Micorsoft.

Compared to Clarity, Aurora Heatmap has the convenience of being able to check the heatmap in the WordPress admin panel.

Of course, Clarity is also a good tool, so you should try both first.

However, heatmap tools can cause web page display speed to slow down, so use them with consideration!


MathJax-LaTeX is a plugin that allows you to input mathematical expressions in LaTeX.

It is recommended for you who want to write articles using mathematical formulas in WordPress!

Our WordPress uses mathematical formulas, but if you don't use mathematical formulas, you don't need to install MathJax-LaTeX.

Super Progressive Web Apps

Super Progressive Web Apps is a plugin that makes it easy to convert WordPress into Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

PWA is a technology that allows you to use WordPress for mobile phones like an app for smartphones.

Using PWA, the display speed becomes faster, and there is an advantage of getting traffic from search engines.

However, browsers may not support all the features of PWA, so consider this if necessary!

Urvanov Syntax Highlighter

Urvanov Syntax Highlighter is a plugin that allows you to display code in a clean way.

It supports many programming languages, including C.

We use code in our WordPress, but if you don't use code, you don't need to install it.


VigLink is an affiliate plugin provided by Sovrn, an international affiliate service provider (ASP).

VigLink automatically rewrites the URLs of the links on the site to affiliate links in order to make affiliate marketing more efficient.

If you want to set up your own affiliate links in detail, it is better to do it manually.

So, if necessary, consider installing VigLink!

If you want to know more about ASPs including VigLink, please click the following.

Search Meter

Search Meter is a plugin that records what readers are looking for if your blog has a search box.

Since you know the search intent of your readers, you can create new posts or edit them to meet that intent.

If your blog does not have a search box, Search Meter is not needed.

So, install Search Meter if necessary!

Caution Plugins for WordPress

This page introduces some caution plugins for WordPress.

In some cases, you may not want to install them.

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is a plugin that is expected to properly configure WordPress SEO and improve search rankings.

However, All in One SEO is a caution plugin.

Some problems may occur.


Autoptimize is a plugin that speeds up your website by optimizing and caching HTML and CSS code.

When we used Autoptimize, a bug occurred in our WordPress that images were not updated due to the effect of the cache.

If you encounter a problem where old images cannot be updated, it is recommended to disable Autoptimize.

You may want to avoid installing Autoptimize depending on the compatibility of your WordPress server and theme.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a plugin to speed up WordPress by generating static HTML files from WordPress.

When we used WP Super Cache, we had a bug that the sidebar was not displayed on our WordPress site.

You might want to avoid installing WP Super Cache, depending on the compatibility of your WordPress server and theme.


We have introduced free WordPress plugins, recommended plugins, plugins to consider, and plugins to watch out for.

Install the plugin that fits your WordPress!