What is FightOut? Move to Earn (M2E) Blockchain Game of Martial Arts [Cryptocurrency] [How to Buy]


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What is FightOut?

FightOut is a Move to Earn (M2E) blockchain game of martial arts.

The goal of FightOut is to level up your health, earn rewards as cryptocurrency, and compete in the Metaverse.

FightOut builds a fitness app and a chain store of high-end gyms.

FightOut is also an M2E blockchain game that rewards users for completing workouts, whether at the gym or in their living rooms at home.

Users' workouts are personalized based on their goals and abilities, and their progress and achievements are analyzed and directly reflected in the attributes of their digital avatars.

When martial artists compete, we see the end result of their training.

But their training is not just about fighting skills.

To perform well, athletes achieve high levels of aerobic activity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and health.

Fighters who excel in specific areas have a tremendous competitive advantage.

We have built the FightOut workout around these principles and created an M2E ecosystem that rewards the FightOut community for a holistic approach to fitness.

Web 3.0 M2E projects are generally not mainstream due to the large upfront investment and Web 3.0 knowledge required.

FightOut's M2E ecosystem is specifically designed to avoid these pitfalls.

This allows FightOut to differentiate itself in the marketplace and attract users who contribute to the success of the project and to the increasing value of the cryptocurrency FightOut.

These are explanatory videos of FightOut.

How to Buy FightOut

We introduce how to buy the cryptocurrency FightOut.

As of December 2022, FightOut is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges, but there is a presale going on, so check the official website!

The following videos show how to buy the cryptocurrency FightOut using USDT and Ethereum on MetaMask.


We introduced FightOut, which is a Move to Earn (M2E) blockchain game of martial arts.

With FightOut, earn rewards as cryptocurrency while leveling up your health!

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