Lincolnton: City Named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln, Served in Continental Army during American Revolutionary War, Northwest of Charlotte


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Lincolnton is named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln, served in Continental Army during American Revolutionary War.

NOTE: President Abraham Lincoln is believed to be unrelated.

Lincolnton is also a charming city located in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

Located in western North Carolina, it has a rich history dating back to the late 1700s.

Lincolnton is characterized by the following.

  • History: Lincolnton was founded in 1785 and named in honor of Major General Benjamin Lincoln during the American Revolutionary War. Its location on the South Fork of the Catawba River made it an important trading center in the 19th century.
  • Culture and Community: There is a strong sense of community, with a variety of events and festivals held throughout the year. These events often celebrate Lincolnton's history, art, music, and local traditions.
  • Historic Sites: There are several historic sites in and around Lincolnton, including the Lincoln County Courthouse, which dates back to 1820. Lincolnton also has historic homes and buildings that showcase its heritage.
  • Parks and Recreation: Hiking, picnicking, and scenic views along the Catawba River.
  • Economy: Lincolnton's economy has diversified over the years. Its roots are in agriculture and textiles, but it has expanded into other industries such as manufacturing, health care, and technology.
  • Education: Lincoln is served by the Lincoln County School District, which provides elementary through high school education. There are also institutions of higher education in nearby communities.
  • Location: Lincolnton is conveniently located near major cities such as Charlotte. This proximity allows residents to enjoy a quieter suburban and rural lifestyle with the amenities of the city.
  • Community Services: Lincolnton offers a variety of community services to meet the needs of its residents, including medical facilities, a library, and a recreation center.

Overall, Lincolnton is a city of historical significance, community spirit, and natural beauty.

Lincolnton has evolved with the times while preserving its traditions and providing a comfortable living environment for its residents.

Lincolnton is located about 43miles (70km) northwest of Charlotte, about an hour's drive away.

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3 Recommended Attractions in Lincolnton

Here are 3 recommended attractions in Lincolnton.

Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail

Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail, locally known as the Lincolnton Rail Trail, is a 1.5miles (2.5km) paved trail.

Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail is especially popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists, and parents with strollers.

Benches along the trail provide a restful view of this charming town and its trails.

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Southern Charm Winery

Southern Charm Winery combines Southern hospitality with a passion for wine.

Southern Charm Winery's wine connoisseurs will enjoy a wine tasting experience like no other.

Southern Charm Winery's wine selection includes 24 different wines, each with its own unique blend to create the best possible flavor.

Whether sweet or dry, red or white, crafted wines offer richer flavors.

Southern Charm Winery is also adjacent to a gift store that showcases local art, woodwork, pottery, and more, in addition to wine accessories and gifts as unique as the wines themselves.

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Betty G. Ross Park

Betty G. Ross Park is home to the Lentz Recreation Center, community pool, River Launch, 18-hole disc golf course, and many other great facilities.

Betty G. Ross Park is located along the South Fork River and is the headquarters of the City of Lincolnton Parks and Recreation Department.

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We introduced Lincolnton, a city located northwest of Charlotte.

Lincolnton was named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln, served in Continental Army during American Revolutionary War.

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