Salisbury: The Birthplace of North Carolina's Famous Cherry-Flavored Carbonated Beverage "Cheerwine"


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Salisbury is the birthplace of Cheerwine, North Carolina's famous cherry-flavored carbonated beverage.

Salisbury is located at the approximate center of gravity of Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro (a little closer to Charlotte).

Salisbury is a historic city located in Rowan County in the Piedmont region.

Salisbury is characterized by the following.

  • History and Culture
    • Historic Downtown: Salisbury boasts an attractive downtown with historic buildings, including the Rowan County Courthouse and numerous stores, restaurants, and galleries.
    • Railroad History: Salisbury played an important role in the development of railroads in the 19th century, as reflected in its history and preserved railroad-related facilities.
    • Cultural Diversity: Salisbury celebrates its cultural diversity through a variety of events and festivals that highlight its rich heritage, including the annual Salisbury Pride Festival, art shows, and music events.
  • Education and Economy
    • Education: Salisbury is home to two private liberal arts colleges, Catawba College and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, which offer a variety of educational opportunities.
    • Economy: Salisbury's economy is diverse, including manufacturing, health care, education, and retail trade. Major employers in the Salisbury area include Food Lion (a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize), Novant Health Rowan Medical Center, and various manufacturing companies.
  • Nature and Recreation
    • Parks and Recreation: Several parks, including Salisbury Community Park and Dan Nicholas Park, offer outdoor activities, picnicking, and family entertainment.
    • Cultural Attractions: Historic sites such as Old Stone House, North Carolina Transportation Museum, and Rowan Museum offer a glimpse into Salisbury's past.
  • Community and Lifestyle
    • Community Involvement: Salisbury has an active community with a variety of initiatives and events focused on community activities, philanthropy, and volunteerism.
    • Quality of Life: Salisbury offers a balance of urban amenities and a relaxed lifestyle, making it an attractive place to live for individuals and families.
  • Transportation and Accessibility
    • Accessibility: Salisbury's proximity to major highways, including Interstate 85, provides easy access to and from North Carolina and neighboring states.
    • Rail Service: Salisbury has an Amtrak station and is accessible by rail.

Salisbury is a vibrant city that blends historical significance with modern amenities.

Salisbury is an attractive place to live, work, and visit North Carolina!

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Videos about Cheerwine in Salisbury

Here are videos about Cheerwine in Salisbury.

Cheerwine Festival began as a celebration of Cheerwine's 100th anniversary in 2017 and is held annually!

5 Recommended Attractions in Salisbury

Here are 5 recommended attractions in Salisbury.

Bell Tower Green

Bell Tower Green is Salisbury's most important downtown green space.

The Bell Tower at Bell Tower Green is a symbol of the city!

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Salisbury National Cemetery

Salisbury National Cemetery is a U.S. national cemetery located in Salisbury.

During American Civil War, Salisbury National Cemetery was established as a burial ground for Union soldiers who died while being held in a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp.

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North Carolina Transportation Museum

North Carolina Transportation Museum is a transportation museum located in Spencer, a neighboring town to Salisbury.

North Carolina Transportation Museum is a bit far from downtown Salisbury, but if you have the opportunity, visit it!

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Salisbury Community Park

Salisbury Community Park is a spacious park covering over 300acre (1.2\(km^2\)).

Salisbury Community Park has three baseball/softball fields, four soccer fields, a paved parking lot, an 8 acre (0.03\(km^2\)) lake with seasonal fishing, playground equipment, picnic areas, and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

There are also approximately 1.5mile (2.5km) of walking trails and athletic fields.

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Old Stone House

Old Stone House, built in 1766 by German immigrant Michael Brown, is a two-story Georgian house and the oldest structure in Rowan County.

It was a stately mansion for its time, and the carefully shaped stones of the front façade give it an impressive face to visitors.

Old Stone House remained the home of the Brown family until 1911, when it was sold to Benjamin Sumner.

In 1959, the Rowan Museum purchased the former residence and turned it into a museum honoring the Brown family.

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We introduced Salisbury, which is the birthplace of Cheerwine, North Carolina's famous cherry-flavored carbonated beverage.

If you visit Salisbury, be sure to have a glass of Cheerwine!

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