Raleigh-Durham International Airport: The Nearest International Airport to Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is an international airport located between the towns of Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina.

Also, Raleigh-Durham International Airport is the nearest international airport to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There are no direct flights from Japan to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport serves Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas.

Features of Raleigh-Durham International Airport include as follows.

  • Location
    • Address: 2400 John Brantley Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560, United States
    • Distance from Major Cities: Approximately 30km (20miles) east of downtown Chapel Hill, 15miles (24km) northwest of downtown Raleigh, and 15miles (24km) southeast of downtown Durham.
  • Facilities and Services
    • Terminals: Raleigh-Durham International Airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2).
    • Airlines: Various airlines offer domestic and some international flights from Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
    • Parking: Several parking options are available at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, including hourly, daily, and economy parking.
    • Transportation: Car rentals, cabs, ride-sharing services (Uber/Lyft), shuttle buses, and public transportation are available.
    • Shopping and Dining: A variety of stores, restaurants, and cafes are located in the terminal.
  • Customer Service
    • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport.
    • Lounges: Raleigh-Durham International Airport has several lounges that offer amenities for travelers.
    • Accessibility: The airport offers services for passengers with disabilities.
    • Pet Friendly Area: A designated area is available for passengers with pets.
  • Expansion and Development
    • Raleigh-Durham International Airport has undergone several expansion projects and improvements to accommodate the growing number of passengers and enhance traveler convenience. Ongoing efforts include facility modernization, runway expansion, and amenity improvements.
  • Local Attractions
    • Raleigh-Durham International Airport is conveniently located near a variety of attractions, including Research Triangle Park, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), Duke University, and North Carolina State University. Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham offer museums, parks, restaurants, and entertainment.
  • Connectivity
    • Raleigh-Durham International Airport serves as a major hub for travel in the region, connecting North Carolina to various national cities and several international destinations.
  • Future Plans
    • Raleigh-Durham International Airport is focused on sustainable growth and improving international connectivity.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport plays an important role in the economic and social life of Research Triangle Park, facilitating travel for both business and leisure purposes.

Also, Raleigh-Durham International Airport continues to evolve and expand its services to meet the needs of travelers passing through this growing region of North Carolina.

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Raleigh-Durham International Airport Terminal

There are two terminals at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

The following major cities are destinations from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, but most of them are served by Terminal 2.

  • United States: New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • Canada: Toronto
  • United Kingdom: London
  • France: Paris

Click the following for videos of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.


We introduced Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the nearest international airport to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

If you are planning to visit Chapel Hill, be sure to use this airport!

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