Thriving Beyond the Storm to Overcome COVID-19!


Thriving Beyond the Storm

Mariangela Walker, CEO of Guarantee Happiness LLC (Our Founder/CEO&CTO Hiroyuki Chishiro work as CTO), introduced me to "Thriving Beyond the Storm", which is an anthology of articles by different authors on overcoming the COVID-19 from North Carolina, USA.

We recommend this book to company owners and sole proprietors whose business is not progressing as expected due to COVID-19, or to those who are starting a new business and trying to live independent of their company.

Each author (small business owner (company or sole proprietor)) will write an article about what he/she would like other small business owners to do to sustain their business and be prepared to adapt to changes from COVID-19.

The article should be no more than 1,500 words in English.

We will share insights and advice that we can share from our own experiences.

  • Author: Drew Becker
  • Profit: Donation to The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (6,000 food donations with profits as of December 24, 2020)
  • Price (Donation): $3.99, $5.99, and $15.99 are also available (you can donate a lot of money)
  • Introduction and Sales (donation) Page: https://realizationpress.com/

Thriving Beyond the Storm is also available on Amazon.com.

The achievements of sales are as follows.

  • No. 1 on Amazon Hot New Release in its first week
  • Top 100 in the Kindle Store

Topics of Thriving Beyond the Storm

Topics of Thriving Beyond the Storm are as follows.

  • remaining accountable
  • responding to isolation
  • maintaining focus
  • moving from confusion to clarity
  • using survival tactics for businesses
  • sustaining mental toughness

Poems about COVID-19 are also allowed, so miscellaneous information and personal opinions are included.

You can get the latest information from company owners and sole proprietors doing business in the United States.

You may be able to look back on your business and discover new business opportunities!

Recommended Articles in Thriving Beyond the Storm

Recommended articles in Thriving Beyond the Storm are as follows.

If you are busy, I recommend you to read at least the following two articles!

Hiroyuki Chishiro's Recommendation7 Powerful Ways to Build Mental Toughness in the Face of AdversityDr. Sue Massimo
Mariangela's RecommendationStrategic Business PlanningJames V. Miller “JV”


Thriving Beyond the Storm is an anthology of future applications to COVID-19.

We hope that such a movement will start in Japan as well, since cooperation among all is essential for a safe and secure life in the with COVID-19 era!

If you would like to read Thriving Beyond the Storm (published on June 5, 2020), you can do so here.

Thriving Beyond the Storm

Hiroyuki Chishiro and Mariangela Walker wrote their articles in Thriving Beyond the Storm Vol. 2 (published on October 4, 2020).

  • Hiroyuki Chishiro's Article: Wherever We are Connected
  • Mariangela Walker's Article: Business Measures to Beat Stress.

Thriving Beyond the Storm Volume 2 (Amazon.com)